Warranty Service

Opticon offers repair services for all products



Opticon offers repair services for all of its products.  Each Opticon product is sold with a standard two-year warranty.  For information on returning your product for service, read the information below.

Requesting Repair Services

To request warranty or non-warranty repair from Opticon, fill out the RMA request form linked below. This form is an editable PDF and must be completed on a computer. Hand written forms will not be accepted. Once complete, please save the document and email it back to us as an attachment.  If the RMA form is not saved before e-mailing, it will arrive blank and cannot be processed. We will review the request for completeness and validity and assign an RMA number.  We may contact you with questions or to attempt troubleshooting prior to assigning an RMA number.

Please Note:

•    If you are unsure about the information requested in the RMA form please email: Support@OpticonUSA.com. An RMA request will not be processed until it is correct and complete. Opticon Technical Support is happy to provide any assistance necessary.

•    The Problem Description field should provide enough information for Opticon repair technicians to accurately replicate the issue so that it may be properly resolved.

•    DO NOT ship your package to Opticon until we have supplied you with an RMA number unique to your individual request. This RMA number must be clearly labeled on the outside of the shipping package. The shipping label is the most appropriate place for this. Re-use of an old RMA number will be rejected.

•    When creating your shipment please always address the package to the RMA number and not to an individual. Packages not labeled correctly will either be returned or have an increased processing time at Opticon's discretion.

•    The sender is responsible for shipping costs to Opticon. For Warranty RMA returns, Opticon will return ship your product using UPS or FedEx Ground as the default delivery method at our expense. If the repair is determined to be non-warranty you will be billed for the return shipping along with the repair cost itself using UPS or FedEx Ground as the default delivery method. You may request specific shipping methods at your expense. Please be certain to document any such requests on the RMA request form.

•    DO NOT ship personal property (such as SD cards or SIM cards) with your RMA unless specifically requested to do so by Opticon. These items become the property of Opticon and are not guaranteed to be returned (we make our best effort to do so but this is not a promised service).

 Special Instructions: Evaluation Units and Units that are Dead on Arrival (DOA)

•    Evaluation Return - When requesting an RMA for the return of an evaluation unit please simply note this in either the problem description field or the comments at the bottom of the form. Please still complete the contact information block at the top of the form as well as the model number and serial number fields.

•    Dead On Arrival - A DOA unit is one that does not work immediately upon receipt or within fifteen days of the date the product shippped from Opticon's facilities. Please fill out the RMA form in its entirety and additionally note that the unit is DOA in the comments or problem description section of the form to allow for appropriate processing of the repair. DOA repairs are assigned higher priority than a standard RMA. Opticon does verify the validity of a DOA claim. A standard RMA listed as DOA will not be assigned a higher priority.

RMA Request Form - DO NOT PRINT this form. Hand written forms are not accepted. This form can be filled out on the PC directly and must be saved after being completed and before returning to Opticon.

Warranty Information

Please refer to the warranty document linked below for all official rules and policies regarding an Opticon Warranty claim. Where the following statements contradict the Warranty document for your specific situation, the warranty document takes precedence.

Opticon's standard warranty period is two years from the date of purchase. If you cannot provide proof of purchase Opticon will base the warranty period on the date the product was sold from Opticon's facilities. The warranty covers only manufacturer defect. Any physical damage, abuse, or improper use of the product within the warranty period is not covered by the warranty and subsequent repairs will be charged as appropriate.

Opticon Hardware Limited Warranty

Shipping Address

All RMA's to Opticon should be addressed as follows.

      RMA #
      Opticon, Inc.
      2220 Lind Ave SW, Suite 100
      Renton, WA 98057

RMA Status

To check the status of your RMA please contact our Repair Department by email: Repair@OpticonUSA.com


Opticon is not liable for any increased processing time required due to improper RMA requests. In order to maintain fair business practice, no exceptions are made to this policy.